Xero Lipo Body Sculpting

Xero Lipo

Xero Lipo

Avenue Medispa offers the most advanced Fat Reduction & Body Sculpting Treatment, Xero Lipo

Targeted fat reduction and skin tightening treatment

Xero Lipo is the most advanced non-surgical alternative to liposuction. It works to target specific body fat areas to reduce the fat cells, increase metabolism and fat burn and tighten the skin.

It’s completely painless with no downtime, no needles and no scarring. Treatments are typically less than 1 hour, tackling those stubborn fatty areas such as the stomach, buttocks, inner and outer thighs, arms and back. The Xero treatment also works to improve the appearance of loose skin, stretch marks and cellulite.

The Xero Programme

Quick & Easy • Weight Loss • Lipolysis • Detox

New Concepts for Body Shaping

We are introducing new concepts for fast weight loss this season. Most weight loss programmes involve restrictive diets and excessive exercise, but our programmes are designed for clients who want immediate results without such restrictions and demands. Whether you need to drop a few cm for an event, or you want to get in shape for the beach, we have a programme to suit which is efficient and achievable.

The benefit of our programmes are that they have no side effects. Other methods like Cryolipolysis or fat freezing, may have side effects, such a paradoxical adipose hypertrophy or inflammation and their results are supposed to be obvious after a period of two to three months. The results of our new programmes are immediate and impressive, in some cases many time greater that Cryolipolysis.

Package and Prices

  • Single Treatment £120 (Beach Perfect)
  • Course of 8 Treatments £850 (Ultimate transformation)
  • Course of 4 Treatments £450
    • Post-natal – stubborn baby fat, loose skin, breast-feeding boobs
    • Wedding- pre-wedding treatments for all the wedding party, bridal package according to choice of dress eg. tummy or arms
    • Zero Lip for Men – paunches, love handles, ‘man boobs’
  • Part Treatments: Laser Lipo and NMS only £80; Radio frequency only £60

Super Fast Lipolysis

The 4 day SuperFast Lipolysis programme is suitable for anyone who wants immediate results, to kick start a change in lifestyle and also for social or personal reasons that require a quick change. Moreover this programme is suitable for those who travel often and cannot schedule regular appointments at a clinic.

This programme incorporates the latest technologies to combat localised fat such as Xero Lipo Laser, Neuromuscular Stimulation (NMS).

• 4 Day Protocol

• Up to 3kg fat loss

• Drop a dress size

Beach Perfect

Cellulite, or hydrolipidic dystrophy as it is scientifically known, is not simply the accumulation of fat. If that was the case then it could be treated only by dieting, but as we know cellulite affects skinny individuals as well and primarily women.

Watch your body transform by treating cellulite and tightening the skin with our Beach Perfect programme that includes a tailor-made combination of treatments. Xero Lipo can shrink the fat cells and lymphatic drainage can remove toxins and improve circulation. RF can tighten the skin and stimulate the production of collage and elastin.

• 4 Sessions Minimum

• Up to 3kg fat loss

Ultimate Transformation

Over a 4 week period this programme can transform your body, targeting stubborn pockets of fat and achieving remarkable reduction in circumference of waist or thighs.

Combining advanced technology with nutritional advice and support this Ultimate programme delivers rapid results and promotes lifestyle change and improvement in health.

• 4 Week Protocol

• Up to 16cm waist circumference reduction

Models Concept

We provide an intensive programme lasting one or two days with body treatments combining Xero Lipo Laser, neuromuscular stimulation, lymphatic drainage and radiofrequency.

The programme is designed to shrink fat cells, burn off fat and tighten the skin in just one or two sessions.

• 1 – 2 Day Protocol

• Up to 5cm waist circumference reduction


Zero Lipo for Men

Xero Lipo Case Study

*results may vary from patient to patient


The benefit of Xero Lipo programmes are that they have no side effects. Other methods, like Cryolipolysis or fat freezing, may have side effects – such a paradoxical adipose hypertrophy or inflammation – and their results are supposed to be obvious after a period of two to three months. The results of the new Xero Lipo programmes are immediate and impressive, in some cases many times greater that Cryolipolysis.



Is the Xero Treatment Suitable for me?

The Xero treatment can be used for both male and female body areas with the exception of female breast tissue. We do not recommend the treatment for during pregnancy and anyone with specific medical conditions should consult with a medical professional before undergoing the treatment. For anyone wishing to assess their suitability for the prgoramme we offer free consultations to discuss with our trained experts.

What happens after the Xero Lipo Treatment?

The Xero Lipo programme comes with nutritional support for those who wish to maximize fat loss results. Anyone undergoing a programme has access to nutritional supplements aimed at maximizing fat burn and a free dietary assessment, information and tips to help achieve enhanced, long lasting results.